What is You're Welcome

What is You're Welcome?

You’re Welcome is a ten-year plan set up by Barnwood Trust.  It’s all about creating more welcoming and inclusive communities across Gloucestershire to help people do the things they enjoy, and get to know more people where they live. You’re Welcome is for everyone, from all walks of life, and that includes people for whom life can sometimes be tricky.

You’re Welcome is based on the belief that:

  • everyone has something they care about and something to offer
  • it is in doing things together that barriers between people are broken down, confidence is built and opportunities emerge
  • we should focus on what’s strong not what’s wrong

It’s about a neighbourhood, a block of flats, a group of streets, an estate or village, where everyone:

  • knows someone to say hello to and have a cup of tea with
  • has something they care about and something to offer
  • has people to call on if they need a hand
  • has the confidence to leave their house and join in, because they know they’ll be welcome
  • has a voice in the future
  • is building their community, every day

and that ‘everyone’, of course, includes people with disabilities and mental health challenges.

To find out more about You’re Welcome and how to get involved why not join the You’re Welcome Group.

To find out more about Barnwood Trust visit www.barnwoodtrust.org

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