K2TOGS - Knitting Two Together

For this ‘Small Sparks’ meeting I didn’t have to travel very far from where I live. This group  meets in the in the wonderful venue of The Roses Theatre, in Tewkesbury, where over more than ten members are knitting their way through a lot of wool whilst gaining new friendships and doing something very supportive to those less fortunate than themselves.

The knitters are tasked with making ‘squares’ to send to children in South Africa and once there they’re knitted together to make beautiful blankets to keep young children and teenagers warm over the colder months.

These knitters are most certainly very proactive in their knitting skills because they’ve already made sixteen blankets worth of squares and there are thirty five squares to complete one blanket.


My maths isn’t very good but I do work that out to be A Lot (560 squares) and as we can all imagine wool is in very serious demand because their stock pile is running very low indeed.

During my discussions with the group I discovered that there is also a ‘secret knitter’ who also makes up these squares and then drops them off at the Roses theatre. The knitting is also being very successful in travelling around Tewkesbury town where they’ve successfully managed to set up some knitting stations to help engage any and all who wish to participate in some knitting but don’t wish to or are unable to attend the meetings at the Roses Theatre.

To name only a couple of these ‘knitting stations’ there is one at Tewkesbury Hospital and another at Touching Souls Tea Rooms and amongst many others that are being sown together there is one currently at the Café Ricci coffee shop in the high street. All of these stations were given a knitting kit to help start them off and this contained some wool and the knitting plans for the squares.

This group of very enthusiastic members of the community are full of passion and will do anything to continue their very successful group who have benefitted from meeting new people and gaining new friendships and having the opportunity to share their life stories and are more than happy to gain new members.

Now on their behalf I would like to ask if you know of anyone who would like to donate their time and if possible to donate a little bit of money each time you visit because they are running low on funds at an astonishing rate and it would be a big shame if this group unravelled due to the lack of funds as the work everyone is doing is worth so much more than any amount of funds.

Now so everyone who doesn’t knit or know much about knitting (this also includes myself) I want to explain the very clever term for the name of this group, K2Togs. It means knitting two together so I find this the perfect opportunity to try and knit two together (or possibly more) by asking other knitting groups that have had the support of ‘Small Sparks’ grants to reach out to each other and formulate a plan so the knitting communities can stay strong and healthy and never end up with lose ends that begin to unthread this amazing work.

Congratulations to all involved. If you would like to contribute in anyway please contact Jayne Griffiths who is Tewkesbury’s community builder and can be found at The Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury. For Jayne’s ‘You’re Welcome’ information you can click on the following link. http://www.yourewelcome.to/users/jane-griffiths

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Great piece Cyril, many thanks. I like your references to unravelling, and the idea of groups being 'knitted together', and some brilliant photos of the group which really capture the fun we have.

Jane Griffiths replied 4 years ago

wonderful story - so much colour and beauty and connections.

Maureen replied 4 years ago

Nice report. How did you embed photos in the text?

Richard Holmes replied 4 years ago

Keep knitting everyone!

Cyril Bunt replied 4 years ago

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