Project Alleycat

Welcome to Tewkesbury Alleycats who are promoting interest in, and working for the revival of Tewkesbury's historic alleys.
It is our hope and intention to: 1. Carry out an alley audit, looking at the physical state of the alleys, and how people them in words, photos, poems & pictures. 2. Mount an exhibition of the alley audit work. 3. Create a website which will host all the audit material, allowing it to be searched, and create a changing virtual exhibition. 4. Promote the creation of original art with a cat theme, by professional and amateur artists in all media. 5. Encourage community involvement in alley art and heritage through workshops, audio and video "alley memories", and fun events and competitions. 6. Encourage the refurbishment of alleys by local councils and private owners using the correct materials in the correct way, sweeping and weeding, and decorating to ensure that the alleys continue into the future.
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