The Mental Health Media Charter

The use of language is incredibly powerful and the way that it is used is so very important. On the 10 October 2017 I joined the campaign that has been set up by Natasha Devon MBE.

When she created the very clear mental health media charter it was a simple yes from me to join the campaign and I’m hoping by spreading the word we could all join this great cause, I mean it is simple.

Greater care over the language used will significantly reduce stigma that is attached to certain actions or diagnoses. We as a collective have the power to change the way language is used and in doing so, will help change the way the general public understand certain terms.

I have attached the charter for you all to see!

Thank you for reading.

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Thanks for sharing this Cyril. I agree that the language we use about mental health is so important in reducing stigma

Roz replied 1 year ago

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