Saturday, 19 April 2014 - 10:30am

Various venues

A fun-filled and action packed weekend involving the whole of Tewkesbury

We are a group of local people who are very keen to bring some life back into Tewkesbury town. Other towns around the country have events that can be very profitable, so why can’t we? We want to start something that can be built on and will become an annual event just like the Carnival and Pram Race used to be.

We want to organise an event called ‘Tewkesbury’s BIG Weekend!’ It would take place Saturday 19th April (in and around the High Street and by and on the river) and Sunday 20th April (on and alongside the river).

Saturday would entail events around the town and down by the river i.e. entertainers, stalls, music etc and river displays, culminating in a parade….yes a parade!!! A ‘Notting Hill’ type of carnival/parade.

Are you in a musical group, a marching band, a dance group, an entertainer or have any kind of talent? Do you have a talent that you could teach others? Or would you just like to be involved in the background? Could you or your group help with costumes, are you any good at model making?

EVERYBODY is welcome!

Sunday would be on and around the river, there would be boat racing, displays, ferries a fish casting competition, stalls, music and that too culminating in a parade but on the river this time!!

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