Marina Court Wildlife Pond

Marina Court is a place that encourages its residents to hold social activities that include coffee mornings, outings and daily activities. All of these goals are with the idea of involving the local community. I met with Patrick and Pauline to talk about their Small Spark Grant of £250 to help go towards their brand new wildlife pond.

At the time of me going to visit them, the wildlife pond is only three weeks old and I think it holds something very special. At around seven meters wide and five across it is at a wonderful size to encourage new wildlife to a possible new home. It is also about a maximum of three feet deep, so there’s plenty of room for all kinds of pond life.

The pond is perfectly placed in terms of its location as the area is full of wildlife such as rabbits, pheasants and foxes. So with time to flourish this fledgling wildlife pond will be host to many creatures.

As time passes the group who are involved in the upkeep of the pond will also be getting other equipment, such as benches so the residents have a comfy place to sit and watch the wildlife of the pond. Also as time passes the flowers and plants will have time to develop so it will truly be a sight to behold. Patrick and Pauline are extremely happy with how easy the Small Spark Grant is to fill in and would certainly encourage others who have an idea to get themselves an application put in for consideration.

I look forward to going back to have another viewing of this wildlife pond in about six months’ time to see the new creatures and to find out about all of the stories that have happened due to the pond being here. It’s a great community gathering point that I hope more than just the residents’ benefit from.


If you would like to find out more information regarding the pond please go to their website

Or you could go and visit them at the following address:

Trafalgar Road, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 5AY

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It's certainly a lovely pond. Thank you Hettie for the positive photograph comment. I am a writer whose still learning the beautiful art of photography.

Cyril Bunt replied 4 years ago

A pond was the first thing I built when we moved into our house - something wonderfully peaceful about a patch of water - great to see this!

Philip Booth replied 4 years ago

I agree, water is always attractive to sit next to - the photo makes it look lovely, thanks

Hettie Peplow replied 4 years ago

What a fantastic use of a Small Sparks grant! Brilliant stuff :)

Abi replied 4 years ago

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