Bakers and Skaters Conquer Rubbish Together!

Coopers edge skaters set to work on litter picking in their skatepark with the local Tesco bakers.

Two skaters at the park commented:

'We do try to keep on top of it, but loads of people come down here late at night and smash bottles onto the concrete and lately a load of blocks of polystyrene were broken up'

'We usually bring brushes from home to sweep up the glass. Today we brought down a rake. We made a head start earlier, by the time the bakers arrived we had already collected a big pile of rubbish'

'Were cleaning up cos it is just really mucky' 

I think the Bakers and Skaters alliance has a great ring to it - maybe more good can come from it in the future!

The skaters are looking to improve the park, so that more people use to appropriately. They are planning to have a fun day in the summer to invite the community down to try to begin to change the perceptions of the skaters.

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