Saturday, 17 May 2014 - 5:00pm

Stratford Park Leisure Centre (Everyone Active)
Stratford Park Road

Fundraising swim in support of stroke survivors with the communication disability Aphasia

Being human means we like to a greater or lesser extent to be sociable, but to be sociable we have to be able to communicate.

To have aphasia and have difficulties communicating must be incredibly frustrating.

I once temporarily lost my voice. At first I tried hard to take part in conversations. I used a white board to write key words and draw pictures. I mimed my responses when I could. Then I found it was easier to just drop out of conversations if they didn’t relate to my needs. I had a flash of understanding and fear of how difficulties in communication could isolate people from others.

For me swimming is easy and enjoyable. My body just gets on with what it needs to do, leaving my mind free to drift. What better way to raise money for AphasiaNow.

Learning to swim and learning to talk both take time.

Once we have these skills we take them for granted, swimming and communicating just seem so easy. We should not forget that these skills are hard won.

~Claire Planel, Stroud

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