Hi all 

Is there anyone who is intrested in lace making 

The reason i am asking is because there is a weekly class in chalford church hall on a tue eve from 7-9pm but the busses stop running before then and the stroud volanteer communty transport doesnt have enough driver to do the days so im looking for some one in the stroud area withthe same intrest as me because i need a lift weekly 

Thanks so much for reading this 

Becky cowley

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Sorry can't think of anyone but will ask about....

Philip Booth replied 3 years ago

Hi Becky

Have you thought about asking Fair Shares in Stroud, they may know of someone who is interested or someone that you could do a swap of time with.

Hettie Peplow replied 3 years ago

Hi Becky.
Any joy yet? If not then I'd be happy to tweet out the message to spread it wider. Jean

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jean replied 3 years ago

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