Introduction to myself and an event

Hello to everyone. My name is Sharron aka Bear. I'm passionate bout music esp. Gospel, I like singing, and I appreciate my surrounding and life in general.

I have enclosed an event that maybe useful. It's a Motability event that showcases scooters, wheelchairs, cars etc.

The website if interested in

Regards  Bear

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Hi Sharron clare from Newent Hear my love hoping your ok looking forward to meeting you soon xx

Pooch replied 2 years ago

Thank you Penny and Katie for the welcome. I'm excited bout joining the Social Reporters group. What a day it was yesterday. The hottest day since 1976 and boy I remember that year very well. It was hot hot hot!!!! Have a wonderful day everyone. Life is good and keep smiling.

Bear replied 2 years ago

Hi Sharron
Great to see your post - what an excellent event, a chance for people to really compare what 's available.
Hope all is well and I look forward to finding out your favourite bit of kit!!

Penny replied 2 years ago

Hey, Sharron - great to see your post!
So glad that you're our new Social Reporter for Lydney :)

Katie Elliott replied 2 years ago

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