Forest Wombles

Forest Wombles are a group of local residents who have taken the initiative to clear up rubbish on the roadside.  They are not a formal organisation just local people who want to make it a better place to live.

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There's a group that gathers at the Forest Drop-In, The Main Place, Coleford on a Friday morning for regular litter picks. All welcome. High viz and pickers provided!!

Penny replied 1 year ago

I've seen you guys at work around Parkend & Cannop, good work! My partner & some other parents do occasional even more informal litter picking sessions around Bream, though with multiple toddlers in tow they're probably quite a lot less efficient...

andykisaragi replied 1 year ago

This is great Jeff. How are things with you? We should catch up. Rich

Richard Holmes replied 1 year ago

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