Strength in Numbers

Lyn suffered a severe bleed in the brain in April 2012, which resulted in her unable to tell the time or hold the concept of events placed in a sequence of time or the ability to manipulate numbers simply (add and subtract etc.), or speak fluently. She was also left with severe fatigue meaning that 2 minutes concentration on even a simple sum or sentence would leave her exhausted.

She lost the strength in her left arm, and her brain tended to neglect her left side.

In June 2013 we discovered that there was an AphasiaNow group meeting regularly close by - lucky for us because Lyn had difficulties sleeping and therefore rising in good time. She could attend but not always on time, but at least for an hour or so, which was all Lyn could take initially.

Since attending this group over the last year I have seen a gradual but noticeable improvement in her speech and sentence construction, along with a significant increase in both confidence and mental stamina. She gets there on time now, and lasts the full session!

Those who attend the group have difficulties with speech, ranging from no word formations at all to full expression but with perhaps time delay in getting the words out, or grasping for the right word, or perhaps jumbled syntax. Most users have had a stroke, or related Brain Injury. They have varying degrees of mobility ranging from fully functional to walking difficulties. Meetings are held in fully accessible premises.

The group meets Mondays, morning sessions usually from 10.30 until 1pm. The sessions are user focused, and imaginatively designed to elicit speech and communication development within a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Dr Jenny Dautlich, herself a user, along with her husband Wilfried, facilitate the group with help from volunteers, to ensure that the sessions are well run and on time.

Activities range from Speaking and Listening, to Quizzes, use of iPads and other tablets, Qi Gong, information exchange, guest speakers, professional input, cultural visits, singing...the list does go on!

As a result of Lyn attending the AphasiaNow group, she started at the Acquired Brain Injury College in Evesham on a two day a week program, something that would have been a step too far 6 months ago.

She continues to attend the AN group, not only for the friendship and fun, but also because she is motivated to progress with her communication skills.

As Lyn's husband and part-time carer, I fully recommend the group as an excellent resource to anyone with communication issues resulting from a Stroke or Brain Injury".


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Encouraging story. :-) wishing Lyn all the best in the world

Ceri replied 5 years ago

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