Streetbank - join now!

Go to – a website which shows you the skills or things your neighbours are willing to share, loan or give away. You’ll be able to see everything in your square mile that your neighbours are offering. You’ll be helping to build the community, save money and help the environment all in one. I’ve joined and it would be great if you could too! If you like it feel free to tell your friends - I've just emailed some of my neighbours and already have a DVD to watch later this week!

There is a good page with Frequently asked questions and a short video:

Of course don't forget there is also Freegle and Freecycle for finding a new home for stuff:



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Streetbank is still going but Streetlife has now become Nextdoor: And yes freecylce and freegle are brilliant - and operate in most areas.....also some areas now have Facebook pages for giving stuff away or selling cheaply....

Philip Booth replied 2 years ago

I'm very interested in the free cycle idea x

Sez2244 replied 2 years ago

vey intersting

simon 123 replied 6 years ago

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