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Marie Louise Flexen Dancing Tales Project in Stroud Area, 2016,sponsored by Stroud Festival.Marie Louise Flexen is a professional dancer/choreographer.Associate Artist with Swindon Dance and Gloucestershire Dance. Currently Dancer in Residence at Prema Arts, Uley.Dance UK Award 2014: Inspiring Leader in Community Dance Practice.Her projects are inclusive, i.e. for all abilities. 

Marie-Louise has an interest in working with young people with dance experience as well as those who may not have participated in a lot of dance before. The workshops available are accessible to anyone who wishes to give dance a go! Marie-Louise has extensive experience of working with disabled and non-disabled young people through Gloucestershire Dance. Dancing TalesThe aim of the Dancing Tales project is to deliver a dance workshop to a range of children in the Stroud area, working closely with primary, secondary and special schools. This may be very relevant at this time as the arts are being cut-back in education. This is especially true of dance.The workshop will explore ideas from story-telling, literature and poetry to find text, words, themes, motifs and visual imagery from which movement content and choreography can be created with and by the students under the guidance of Marie Louise. Teachers can, if they wish, choose the stimulus to be used.The idea is to make the chosen stimulus relevant by tapping into the imagination and ideas of the participants. The process will reflect the interests and any current issues of young people. The dance style will draw from contemporary dance, urban / street dance and physical theatre.It is possible that teachers may want to continue to develop the work. It could be presented at the Schools Dance evening at The Subscription Rooms in October 1016.Cost: £40 per hour, plus travelling expenses from Cirencester.Available from April. In school or after school sessions.

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This sounds wonderful Marie-Louise, could Cirencester schools also be involved?

Maureen replied 4 years ago

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