Listen Now: International Podcast with Carolyn Vincent

The Gentle Revolutionaries Podcast Series - The Community Coach

Listen to an international conversation between Carolyn Vincent, The Community Coach from Brisbane Australia, and me - Molly Sutcliffe, Community Builder in Brockworth, Gloucester.

Carolyn has built up a successful business from scratch in Australia. Originally from Mumbai, she witnessed extreme poverty daily and has always had a deep urge to 'do good', but had struggled to see how she could achieve her wish to volunteer across the globe whilst juggling a business and a family. One day she had an epiphany:  Why couldn't she start with her business, and her own community? Overnight, everything changed.

Listen to her story, how a series of life-changing events caused her to reassess what 'doing good' meant and how Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) has helped her explore this even further.

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"Once people start talking. magic happens!"
Great podcasts, thank you Molly!

Ceri replied 2 years ago

Molly this is so inspirational, particularly the wellbeing at work and inclusion of the whole team aspect.

Fiona Community... replied 3 years ago

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