I just want to tell you a story of what good neighbours are to people in Matson, its not just someone who lives next door, but in fact someone who goes out of their way to help you.

I heard of someone in my community who is house bound, the moment I told a few people she was inundated with people wanting to help from getting her shopping to taking her old girl for a walk (and yes old girl is the name of her dog, but used to be dog till she got old lol) when I went around to see her, she moaned at me because she felt like a charity case, to which I pointed out  she has lived in Matson for many years and people will always look to help someone if we can,

she then started to tell me about how she would do the same for people back in the day, " I even used to cook for a couple who had nothing, but it was easy for me just to cook bit extra. I never thought id be receiving help from the community, I'm not use to it, I don't feel I deserve all this help." she told me about her husband how hard he worked and about local kids who they used to buy Christmas gifts for as she and her husband could never have kids.

so to some it up good neighbours are not just people who live next door, but someone who takes the time to get to know people and help with anything even just to give them time.

that is what I now calla neighbour. 

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This is such a special story Brendon - thank you for sharing! I wonder how she can feel she is giving back too? It is obviously really important to her to feel she is helping others, in any small way.

Molly Sutcliffe replied 2 years ago

What a great story of people coming together in their community.

Liam Daniels replied 2 years ago

That brought a tear to my eye. The work you guys are doing is brilliant. Sometimes its just a case of reminding each other of what community its there for.

Richard Holmes replied 2 years ago

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