flying wombats

well its been awhile but for the last year and a bit I started my biggest project ever, and that was to have an all inclusive park put in place in the local community.

its been hard had few hurdles to get through but we are now getting there, I have managed to raise £25k so far and I believe barnwood trust are willing to help with some more equipment which is fab, I might also of found a company willing to sponsor a wheelchair swing.

That I have to say itself is great but the best thing ever happened, I've been doing this single handed for the last year and everyone in the community did not believe we would get anything new full stop, basically the community was so low that people were saying this is Matson no one will pay for that, well since the new fence went in it peaked community interest then the new equipment has gone in and I have never in all my years of living here seen this but the park gets packed regularly especially after school, and now community starting to believe  and I now have people who believe and want to get involved and help with any projects I would like help with I really start to know that a little belief and trust in what your doing can and will affect people in a local community. below are a couple of pics the parents agreed to let me use thing are now getting exciting as I now have a PA lol volunteer of course.

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