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I know I should join the social media age, but I must confess I’m a rather slow starter!! The idea of a monthly Forest blog is fantastic, a great opportunity to let everyone know about some of the inspirational people and groups that I have met up with over the last month and hopefully adding a few great stories to the mix. This is my first ‘dipping of the toe’ into the maelstrom they call social media – my children will be proud!

January started with a focus on the new Role of Barnwood Trust Ambassador for the Forest (the full job description you can find on our website). This voluntary position will enable us to reach further into local communities to use their local knowledge and networks to help us to make contact with those more isolated members who may benefit from our grants. If this works then we hope to introduce this to other hard-to-reach areas of the county. Why not check it out, and if it seems like you – get in touch.

Attended the rather mouth-watering Tastes with Tales group on a Tuesday night at Coleford Library. A great opportunity to meet up to share stories and most importantly for a sample of Party Food. Tales about why they are our favourites, how we make them and dodgy/hilarious stories as a side dish!  Next meeting Tuesday 7th March 5 pm-7 pm.

On Wednesday I visited the Job Centre at Cinderford, Community Drop-In at Coleford Library and the Foodbank at the Community Church in Lydney. They took lots of flyers and asked lots of questions – if you need a little help and advice about our grants and you’re passing their way. Just call in.

The following Wednesday I visited the Curve Baby Group at Hilltop Children’s Centre, Cinderford.  A welcoming and fun support group run by parents for parents living with physical and/or mental health problems.   They are thriving and really looking to do new and exciting things. For further information contact or follow them on Facebook.

Just last week I went along to the Forest Voluntary Action Forum Trustee Showcase at Cinderford Rugby Club. This was a great opportunity to see just what the Forest has to offer. Lots of inspirational organisations and groups attending, all on the lookout for new Trustees and support. If you find your new year’s resolution has failed at the first hurdle, why not invest your time in something really rewarding. More details from FVAF

Across the way at the Belle Vue Centre, I dropped in on the Cinderford Hard of Hearing Club. This group served me lashings of tea and tried plying me with mountains of cake. A warm and welcoming group living with hearing problems and welcoming to any new members.

This is just a sample of how I have spent the month of January so far. I’ve been along to many groups and met many wonderful people. I’m looking forward to filling my calendar for the months to come and testing my resolution JUST SAY NO TO CAKE!!! I wonder how long I’ll hold out?

If you would like any more information about any of the groups/meetings I have mentioned, please contact me on or (01594) 839191 or 07912 788341

Note to self - My thought for the month:

'One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day'



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