exploding panst on the loose

I have decided to share 1 of my darker poems, from when my head was a complete mess, I used to struggle a lot with my mental health and if I'm honest still do. I will say however it is quite tame to some of the others

My thoughts are my own

some make me moan and groan

some laugh out loud

Sometimes I feel sad

not really knowing

sometimes angry and bad

Sometimes I feel good

and totally understood

I can see my life passing by

In the night my chest getting tight

Death is coming

I feel his breath

his cold eyes staring

he's here overbearing

I'm suffocating not knowing why

I want to give up and no longer try

I'm led in bed wishing I was dead.  

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Thanks Katie I was a bit nervous as I was typing this but I just want people to know that are not alone even a cool good looking bloke like me has mental health problems and it's not something to be embarrassed about. And it's no longer a taboo subject

Dangermouse replied 2 years ago

Hey Brendon!
Thank you for sharing your poetry. I find it really scary to share very personal creative work so I really admire you for your honesty and courage.
The title had me expecting something totally different - but I guess I should have learned by now! You are a master of the unexpected :)

Katie Elliott replied 2 years ago

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