Corinium Talking News bring the Standard to the Blind.

Corinium Talking News

Corinium Talking News has been going for about 30 years. 

The news from the Wilts & Gloucesteshire Standard is recorded and sent out weekly on CD for free to Blind and Visually Impaired people. They do send the CDs to Disabled and Housebound people but there is a charge for postage. They also have request for former residents of Cirencester and the surrounding area to receive the CDs. There is even a lady who lives in Portsmouth who still receives it. 
"Since joining CTN several of the volunteers have undertaken contacting visually impaired people with the aim of increasing the listener numbers. This has achieved an increase of approximately 30%. It's brilliant!!" says Sheila 
"We are a completely voluntary organisation and totally rely on the generosity of donations from the public including Community Matters at Waitrose." says Jill 
For more information and to sign up:
Telephone: 01285 898594
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