Ceri's story

This short clip explains why I have difficulty speaking and what is helpful and not helpful to do to understand me better.

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Wow that was fabtastic although u are wrong about 1 thing inside u are special I like to think we all are. But I thought this was genius thank you for sharing it. And can't wait to find out about your roots lunch plan I might have to pop in myself

Dangermouse replied 3 years ago

Thank you Maureen,
Thank you Hettie, Yes I'd be delighted to make animations for other people. I know how much this has helped new people understand how things are for me. Understanding reduces fear which makes the world a more welcoming place!

Ceri replied 3 years ago

Thank you Ceri, Such a fun animation with some real helpful information in there too.

Maureen replied 3 years ago

This is a really useful animation Ceri, thank you. Am I right in thinking you would like to make animations for others who may find them useful?

Hettie Peplow replied 3 years ago

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