Katie picked me up a little while ago. It was May 12th. This date is very difficult for me. I was involved in an accident. This was in 1981; just turned 11 years and doing my exams to go to Berkeley Vale Community School. Doing so well with my work.

Then on that night I went for a bike ride, down to the Slimbridge Recreation Ground. I got off my bike to cross over the crossroads. I met up with a few of my friends. We all reflected on our progress in our exams. At the time I wanted to be a nurse and knew I had to do well.

Then coming back up from the Recreation Ground I had a chat with Mrs Fryer, caretaker of my junior school in Slimbridge.

Getting up the next day I thought I could not move. I screamed and a figure came over to my bed. She introduced herself as Nurse Carol. I was even more confused. She told me she'd ring my Mummy and Daddy. 

Mummy and Daddy arrived and I was almost asleep again. 

Around my bed there were a lot of get well cards.

Learning how to talk again and the walking was next.

Once I was a little stronger I was told I had been involved in an accident and sustained head injuries which put me in a coma for 10.5 weeks, caused a compound fracture to my left femur and fractured my pelvis.

I woke up from my coma the week before Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding. I was dressed up as a pirate.

Doing my English and Maths in the Children's Ward School. Mrs Bingham was wonderful. 

Since that day has been a challenge.

Katie picked me up on the 12th May. We went to the Whitminster Garden Centre. We had a lovely cuppa together and I talked so much. We did go and look at the ducks. I spoke to them in my Donald Duck voice. They may have listened. 

I treated myself to two tops and Katie bought a plant.

A lovely morning out together. 

Sadly since my accident I have had breakdowns. I ended up in Coney Hill twice.

The 11th of each month I'm not so good, especially May 11th.

Thank the Lord I'm still here. God bless you all.

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