A weekend of parties and picnics!

This weekend sees communities across the country getting together for picnics and parties to celebrate what they have in common. 

In Gloucestershire Community Builders have been working with residents in Gloucester to host the Tredworth Street Party on Sunday.  In Wotton under Edge residents will be celebrating with their Party in the Parc, and neighbours in Pagenhill, Stroud will be having fun together at their street party.

I’m sure there are plenty of others events taking place. It would be lovely to know how people in Gloucestershire are coming together to make our county one of the most welcoming and inclusive in the country. As we celebrate together, our ask is you think about who is not at your picnic or party and consider what could you do to reach out to invite that person to join in and include them in the fun.

Some of the celebrations taking place this weekend will be part of The Great Get Together https://www.greatgettogether.org/ in memory of the murdered MP Jo Cox. Others events might not be organised under that banner, but are still expressions of neighbourliness and a desire to bring people across the community together. 

However you decide to spend your time over the weekend have fun and enjoy getting to know your neighbours better.

"We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us" Jo Cox first speech to parliament. 

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