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It has taken me weeks but have finally completed my setting up of both Todoist and Evernote applications and have managed to get everything organised and everything I have collected in the past, important documents, ideas and daily/weekly routines and many other things.
   Thanks to the help of Getting Things Done experts Francesco D'Alessio and Carl Pullein, through Youtube, they have both instructed me on how to organise myself using the two applications.
   Having read David Allens  Getting Things Done and taken on some of the ideas he suggests, I decided to change things within my personal life and to make things more organised in setting tasks and storing things from web posts I would like to read about, store receipts.  I also set up daily and weekly tasks using the apps which allow me to arrange how I clean the house, make a pot of tea and even remind me what I have to do over the week
One of my to do projects as mentioned earlier, describes how I should make a pot of tea.  I have set the task of making a simple pot of tea giving step by step by step instructions (including) photos of individual tasks in the preparation from start to finish.  I have prepared similar projects and although I can function with few problems at present, I think that organising things for the future can only help make things easy in the months to come.
As soon as I get any ideas or thoughts/tasks that have to be done, I put them straight into my Todoist application inbox, there it stays until I have time to shift it in it's correct folder within the app.  This way I no longer have to worry about it or possibly forget about it.
I now wake up every morning, go through the days Todo list and add items to my Evernote or Todoist app and things are now easier to find and complete.  I would recommend these two apps and follow the two Youtube presenters to see if they can help you to possibly take part of these applications and make life a little more easier.
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This is really cool, thank you for sharing.

Ceri replied 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing this, Andy. I'm always looking for ways to get more done and found it really interesting to read about your approach.

Katie Elliott replied 3 years ago

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