10 Podcasts on Community Building

Here's a useful resource for you. Its a series of podcasts featuring people from around the world who have been supporting residents to grow inclusive and welcoming communities. 

1. Richard talks to Gilbert Rochecouste about Placemaking and ABCD. They discuss Gilbert's project of '100 illegal acts of peacemaking' which he started in Melbourne.


2. Lea and Alma share their experiences of the ABCD Festival in Goa and reflect on taking an asset based approach to empowering women in India.


3. Terry Bergdall from the ABCD Institute shares his experiences of measuring the impact of Asset Based Community Development


4. Richard talks to participants at the International ABCD Festival as people share their hopes and dreams for the communities they serve. 


5. Tim Muirhead shares his experiences of supporting people in communities to discover the human spirit, which in turn leads to people feeling able to make a contribution to their community. 


6. Richard catches up with Zizi and Keiran as their reflect on their community building practice. 


7. Keiran talks to Richard Holmes from Barnwood Trust as they consider the importance of community builders taking time to reflect on their own practice. 


8. Molly Sutcliffe talks to Carolyn Vincent about how you used her workplace as a starting point for building community, and how that has spread to where she lives. 


9. Richard talks to Ron Dwyer Voss about economic development and ABCD, and the importance of community owner solutions. 


10. Kat Monro shares her experience of working with young people to help them engage in their local community using their strengths and assets. 


You can also subscribe to these podcasts on iTunes. Just visit... https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-gentle-revolutionaries/id1214708382?mt=2

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