Who Cares? Show you do!

Whilst out on patrol I walked through a footpath which is very popular with dog walkers. I saw approximately 10-15 people out having a stroll. Discarded over the footpath was that days local paper. As I walked through I thought will someone pick it up will someone show they care or is it someone else’s job? I returned some fifteen minutes later and saw they were still there…so I collected and put into the bin near by. Who cares?

I am massively proud of the community I work in and have become part of. It’s a community that have replied to the ‘Who Cares?’ statement with passion. They have stood up as individuals and said I do and I will show you. Individuals become groups become communities become strength. They have  strengthened their neighbourhoods and celebrated the strength that they have shown to exist.

So when I hear other residents and workers in other communities state Who Cares? I challenge them to show they do. I think the vast majority of any community do care but sometimes they do not know how to show it or have the strength from support to show they care. Who do they turn to for support and advice. In Matson there is a strong core, The Redwell Centre, the residents group, GL Communities, to name a few, that have become embedded in their communities. It is of no surprise that their success is brought about from having members of the community in key roles. Members of the community that have built trust and supported by agencies that have become trusted allies in empowering the community. It is important that agencies build that trust and show they care too. Do as they say and set an example. With increased demand and every reducing resources from service providers Matson has shown that the community themselves can strengthen and challenge what is seen as the norm. The Community themselves filling the gaps to provide support, advice and strength.

At Christmas I was invited to be Captain of the table at the Christmas Event at The Redwell Centre. Run, organised, set up and cooked by volunteers at the centre to get people together to connect in the community. Far from a simple exercise but the journey to get there is a fine example of showing you care.

Members of the community came to the Redwell as a family member was volunteering with an idea to run catering during the school holidays for children who receive free meals at school. The residents wanted to show they care. Wanted to make a difference. They were signposted and supported through their qualifications to help them achieve this. Young members of the community were able to attend in the holidays and engage with others whilst having a meal. Families that may need support or help were being brought into a supportive and welcoming environment. Showing that their community do care and are willing to help. From this as ‘pay back’ as a thanks they put on this event at Christmas. It was a heart-warming event which everyone involved so be so proud of.

Being part of a community, not just working within it, is key to community strength. So when out in your community I challenge you to think ‘Who Cares? SHOW YOU DO!

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Philip Booth replied 1 year ago

It really was magical, and just shows how much can be achieved when we all pull together

Dangermouse replied 1 year ago

Cracking blog Chris. Great to hear from an officer about the importance of community. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Richard Holmes replied 1 year ago

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