Tredworth Street Party 2016

Tredworth High Street Street Party was planned and organised by a group of Tredworth residents to celebrate Tredworth community. They are planning a Facebook group in the future - a place to share this film and also to share ideas for Tredworth including possibly plans for a party again next year. The film was made by Philip with Jonathan and another Tredworth resident who both helped with the filming.

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Hear this is happening again this sunday. Despite their being no warning. No advertising. Roads being closed drug taking litter everywhere and a dreadfull racket. If watching people drinking heavily sat on kerbs is your thing then help yoursrlf but as a resident its the one day of the year i hate most. Mark my words if i will be notifying the police at the first sign of illegal activity

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BILL replied 2 years ago

Thanks for showing me I didn't miss anything. Advertising for this event was atrocious, which turned out to be a good thing. If advance notice is given next year, the community might really get involved.

Then again, that wasn't how the partnership AGM was arranged, and it probably won't be how the Gloucester FM AGM this month is done, so let the control freaks manage everything.

It's a shame, though. Karen Page would probably make a good chair of TETRA, but no-one will set up a creche for meetings...

Joe Kilker replied 2 years ago

WOW! I've heard lots of stories of how fantastic the event was but the video really brings that to light! Congratulations to all involved with the planning and delivery, you should be proud :-)

Isobel replied 3 years ago

It looks like everyone had an amazing time. I hope this is the start of good things to come in Tredworth. Well done to all that organised it! I'd be willing to help out with future events!

Lucy Clark replied 3 years ago

Really? After the hell on earth the high street turned into this time and having to call the police,not having any peace in your own home due to the noise level, the drug taking and the sea of rubbish flooding the street the next day, I hope to God this party never happens again!

Debs Morgan replied 3 years ago

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