The Tales of The Matson Sheep Whisper

For those that follow @gloscitypolice you know whilst on my patrols I regularly encounter the sheep of Matson to which one follower has given the name of Matson Sheep Whisper. The sheep of Matson are a common sight and always get locals and travellers talking. The sheep are as part of Matson as the sense of community spirit and pride.


On the week we launched our Neighbourhood Policing Service I was honoured to walk the red carpet at the Matson,Robinswood and WhiteCity Community Awards. It was time to celebrate all the good things in our community. Celebrating what is positive about our community was a great way to spend an evening. Everyone present had been invited there as they have played a part in making a community strong. From the good neighbour to the business that have had assisted above and beyond to make Matson, Robinswood & White City the community it is. Events like this give everyone in our community and those looking in, the opportunity to praise the good work that goes on. Promoting those who just get on with it not truely understand the ripple effect it has throughout our communities. Making a positive impact into many lives. Being part of my community makes me very proud and honoured to be within the same community as those celebrated. Categories ranged from Good Neighbour to Lifetime Achievement to Role Model. The latter I was shocked to be shortlisted amongst some great nominees.

It was great to hear the amazing stories of how members of the community have gone out of their way to do something they are passionate about and giving others something they can aspire too. Every Community has the potential to be strong and if events like this inspire others to follow that is only a positive for all communities involved.

 Events like this show that neighbourhood policing has a key role to supporting and enabling citizens to make a community strong.  Even being mentioned at community awards which have been nominated by the community is something I am very proud of. If you look into every community there is the opportunity to make connections build relationships and enable citizens to know they are supported. I feel this is a key role of Neighbourhood Policing , to be there with our communities celebrating the good things, not just being part of the community when things are not going well and they need Police intervention.  Time and time again we see negative stories grabbing headlines flying through social media posts but this was time to celebrate and shout as loud as we can about our great community bursting with pride strength and desire to make things better for all. Strong communities enable citizens of it to feel confident to make that step towards making a difference 

So off to patrol Matson, Robinswood and White City I go but with an extra sense of pride knowing what a great community I am part of.


Time to go and whisper with Doris, Bryn, Betty, Dolly, Shawn and the other Sheep Of Matson.

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