spring summer poem

A poem

Brighter days

A sprinkle of showers

The heads of daffodils glow

Blossom flutters in the air

dropping to the ground

Looks like a pretty carpet.

Lambs bleat,

eggs hatch,

the days are longer,

skies bluer

and the sun shines

it is so much warmer.

Birds fly about.

The world looks so beautiful

with many more colourful flowers.

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Very nice and yes it's great to see the spring flowers and have the lighter nights, roll on the summer!!!!

Jigsaw piece replied 2 years ago

Really good this has actually brightened up my mood thanks for sharing

Dangermouse replied 2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this Michelle, it really captures what's so lovely about this time of year!

Roz replied 2 years ago

Beautiful poem Michelle. It's really put a spring in my step!

Molly Sutcliffe replied 2 years ago

So beautiful and uplifting! Thank you for sharing, Michelle!

Katie Elliott replied 2 years ago

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