Special Visitor

Last Friday I made a special visit up at the Gloucester Royal Hospital Children's Ward with my Donald Duck costume.  I had arranged this visit just over a fortnight ago.  I pressed the intercom and told them who I was and that Donald Duck has come to visit; doors were open and I walked in and was greeted by Natellie.  My Mummy and I were showed to a side room to allow me to get into my Donald Duck costume.

All ready and had Natellie  at my side and she held onto my arm as we walked around the ward.  Each child shook my hand and their parents, grandparents and other members of the family took photographs of me and their child.  What was so nice that my Donald Duck's voice could be heard clearly.  Compared at the Family BBQ Messy Church at St James in Dursley; that was outside.

Mummy told Natellie about my accident and about my stay on Ward 22 when I was 11 years old and my recovery.  I would like to come back and do some fund raising for the Children's Ward and make the children happy.  I also told Natellie about me being involved with Barnwood Trust You're Welcome and how I acquired my Donald Duck costume.  

There's a nurse called Diane Spiller who was on Ward 22 at that time of my accident.  Now Diane is a Staff Sister.  We have seen one another over the years.  Sadly Diane was away on this visit.  Natellie has suggested I come back again soon.

Time to change back into my ordinary clothes and we made our way over to the Tower Block for much needed cup of tea.

Returning home I had a few tears and was very emotional.

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Ceri replied 1 year ago

What a great story and fantastic that you have an invite to go back.

Liam Daniels replied 2 years ago

This is SUCH a wonderful story! Am smiling from ear to ear!

Katie Elliott replied 2 years ago

Abi replied 2 years ago

A wonderful time and to see the children smile. It was very emotional. My journey in my life continues and new challenges ahead. I have been invited to go back.

Jigsaw piece replied 2 years ago

Also shows that a Barnwood opportunity award can be used in really imaginative ways, Donald Duck costume has to be my all time favourite!

Abi replied 2 years ago

Such a lovely story. Your visit will mean such much to the children. :-)

Richard Holmes replied 2 years ago

Yay! How brilliant - are there photos?

Abi replied 2 years ago

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