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The news is beginning to spread far and wide about the wonderful grant of ‘Small Sparks’ and this fabulous knitting group gather every Wednesday. They had heard about ‘Small Sparks’ from a free paper that circulates around their area and took the opportunity to apply for the full £250. They chose this so they could financially stabilize the group and to guarantee that they will collect the ‘nicer’ wool and make their fabulous works for many different charities including local groups and hospitals.

This group that has been together for over 20 years are a group that has made strong friendships and do laugh a lot (which I can bear witness to) and have found their weekly meeting to be very beneficial for them and it’s a hobby that rewards them with great care to themselves mentally and to know that not only are they helping themselves, they’re also helping so many less fortunate people than themselves.







Very welcoming tea and buscuits.


The group also spend time together travelling and last year went and visited Buckingham Palace and is planning many more trips out together. They would love to expand their membership and are currently searching for a more neutral position as they’re circulating around each other’s homes and don’t see it being appropriate to put pressure on new members by having it at such an intimate setting and I have to agree.

But it’s positive to know that they want to expand and help others in their community. This group is full of support and heartfelt warmth towards others and I don’t see much stopping this group in doing what they do best.

Rachel, a member of the group who knits tiny jackets for premature babies said “It’s much better to know there’s wool available when needed and have no worries about having to travel to the shops.” Just lifting this pressure has made it so much easier for her to knit more and more because she simply knows there’s more wool to go to when needed. Therefore more jackets get made for the premature baby unit so it’s simple to see the legacy of this grant living on.

For more information please contact Joan Glendenning through the comments section.

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I am interested in joining your group. I am not a very good knitter but have recently learned how to crochet. Perhaps you could let me have some more details. Thank you. Val Duncombe

Val Duncombe replied 2 years ago

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