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I want to be absolutely honest with all the readers that going to ‘May Hill Lunch Club’ was and is one of the best ‘Small Sparks’ groups that I have had the pleasure in visiting. If you are at all thinking to yourself why that would be? The answer is very simple. This group serves home cooked food and the food is absolutely delicious and yes I did have the privilege of helping myself to seconds.

For once I will let the pictures do the talking because it tasted just as good as it looks and I might go as far as saying it tasted better.


The picture is of the plate of food I had because my partner in going to assist me in these small sparks interviews and takes the amazing pictures to accompany my words very nearly forgot to take a picture of the food because she had very quickly put her camera away and began eating as soon as the food had arrived. Although I couldn’t blame her in the slightest because I am sorry to mention it again but the food really was phenomenal.

One of the reasons they had put in for a ‘Small Sparks’ grant was because there was an existing food group but due to other circumstances that the group hand no control over it had been disbanded. So the money was and is to help begin a new chapter for this food group with no worries hanging around as to whether it could be self-sustainable because now it is managed by the group for the group.


Some of the money went towards these wonderful aprons that proudly display their new logo and also some of the money went towards a couple of the group runners gaining their level 2 certificates from the chartered institute of environmental health so anyone who may ask to see their qualifications will be safe in the knowledge that they passed with flying colours.



Today when I attended there were around fifty people who each pay £5 for a two course meal and all this money helps to pay towards next month’s shopping bill from their locally sourced vegetables and meat and towards their prizes that they offer in the raffle that they also hold after the meal has concluded. Many of these people know each other and do arrange for transport for the more isolated members of their community so no one misses out if they wish to join their friends for that month’s meal.The menu is a set menu and is announced before the group disband after having their bellies full for the rest of the day and this gives the members a chance to decide if they shall be attending their next gathering.

Even though the menu is fixed people do decide to make and bring in a number of deserts that they share on a table once dinner has finished so there is an element of choice and if I had any more room in my belly I could’ve eaten a bit of all of them as they all looked delicious.

The group is open to the elderly and they all have a brilliant time sharing stories with one another and they will be open to new members but please can you enquire in advance by contacting Lifa because although the group is in its infancy it is very successful indeed and they wouldn’t want to turn anyone away at the door if they reach full capacity and another bonus is that you don’t have to pay in advance because you can pay on the door.

(At this point I was asked to request more local farmers of the male variety to attend the group as they are in short demand of male company so now they may consider that request fulfilled.)  


This is already a very friendly and supportive group who all care very much for their community; a ‘Small Sparks’ grant that’s well worth supporting. Finally I have to congratulate every single member of the kitchen staff bec

ause the rotation of the food coming out is perfect and if they’re in need of a food taster I do hope they know where to find me. 


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The writing with the pictures is a delicious mixture, just like the food was on the day. Well done 'May Hill Lunch Club'

Cyril Bunt replied 5 years ago

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