Brockworth Knit and Natter

The Small Sparks grant awarded this lovely group of Knitters the highest award of £250 to help secure that they’re free to meet up and use the knitting as a reason for them all to get together and discuss anything and everything.







I am astonished by the skills of this group and I was told “Kitting is like learning to play the piano, once you know how to do it you’re able to play and talk; it’s the same for knitting and nattering.”

I wouldn’t say it’s as easy as learning a piano nor would I link it to learning how to ride a bike because I am seriously impressed at the talent of the group. I was also told that one of the group’s members (who sadly weren’t there on the day) can also crochet at the young age of 92!

The group are knitting for many different causes that include baby blankets, Jackets for a premature baby unit and the many squares that end up becoming a blanket for the more unfortunate.

This group want to open the doors with a great big ‘You’re Welcome’ sign to the wider community and they’re more than happy to help teach beginners and to welcome members who also want to join who can already knit.

The group already have members with varying capabilities. One of their members is visually impaired and is a very confident knitter.

The group are also discussing the creation of other groups such as a hearing/listening book club.









They meet up every Monday at Brockworth Library Moorfield Road GL3 4ET.

Please contact Gaynor Comley via the comment section for more information

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Hi Gaynor,
I also knit for the Pied Piper appeal, Glos. Royal Hosp. What time do you meet on Mondays please?

Carole Clement replied 2 years ago

Hi Gaynor,

Please would you consider promoting Octopus for a Preemie with the Knit and Natter group? The octopodes will be going into Gloucestershire Royal Hospital to support the premature babies there. For more information, please see or (website is only just up and still developing).

Many thanks,
Claire Button

Claire Button replied 2 years ago

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