recycle your unused fruit and veg

I would like to tell you about a project starting at the Gateway community drop in café it is called LETTUCE BEGIN.

This is a almost like  fruit and veg recycling only difference is the fruit and veg you give to the gateway you will get some seeds to grow more and none of the stuff u grow will go to waste if you have to much.

We are looking for people who grow their own fruit and veg, be it on an allotment or in your own garden to distribute  to the community at a low cost or preferably free.  For doing this they will give you fresh seeds to grow more, plus you can get a free cuppa when you bring them in.

If you are interested in hearing more about this scheme or getting involved,  please come along to the MATSON GATEWAY COMMUNITY CAFE on Saturday 26th of November at 10am-11am

contact Sandy:

or ring 01452 505001

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