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Some months before Christmas I was watching my kids play on the pathetic excuse of a park near my house in Matson . The contents of which are 1 swing 1 slide and 1 spinning basin, as i was stood there 1 of the local kids came over with his wheelchair bound brother, he sat there and watched his brother having fun and as much as he was smiling i couldn't help feel his disappointment of not playing too.

That's  when it hit me like a good strong kick up the backside, we need to get a better park where able kids and disabled kids can all play together.i didn't know where to start, I knew there were quite a few disabled children in the community and even some groups at local amenities.

I decided to find out  if there was a need for this in Matson and started a petition, just to make sure i wouldn't be wasting time, over 300 signatures later  i knew the need was great.

i started by asking the question what next, that was when being involved with the community was working for me.

Barnwood trust have helped me in more way than i can tell you so that was my first port of call. they gave me the advice i was looking for. I met with Martin Hawkins who is the community spaces part of Barnwood Trust he has said they may be able to help to.

It did not take long be for people had been talking and various bodies contacted me, Jenny Dalimore (conservative candidate for  Matson Coneyhill and white city) has offered me some funding along with the labour candidate i realised this is the start of the community park, I then told them how i was going to save them money by clearing away all debris ect with 30 community people who want to help with the park. all that would be left is a clearing ready for park to be built.

It did not stop there i then told them that we as a community can take care of servicing the equipment and so that it will be self sustaining, as in money i told her about my plan to sell advertising around the outside of park,Jenny was very excited by this and and explained that it has never been done before but thought it would be a great idea, and left more money in the pot for any additions or maintenance.

Now i just need to meet up with the councils play park planner and designer. I now believe that my 5 year plan for my community will be be started by the end of 2017.

p.s title has nothing to do with post but it did get your attention. lol x

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Great example of Community strength and enabling citizens to make the decisions about their community. Really proud of the community and the residents that ARE making a difference. Keep up the good work

Matson Robinswo... replied 1 year ago

Thanks Richard we will certainly try our best to be the community i know we can be.
1 person can make a difference a community can make changes

Dangermouse replied 1 year ago

You guys are amazing, we need to help you get your story known across the country. Your community is an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the momentum. We're cheering you on! :-)

Richard Holmes replied 1 year ago

Thank you Maureen.
I truly believe when a community come together we can accomplish anything

Dangermouse replied 1 year ago

brilliant story, so inspiring when people work together to make things happen in their community!

Maureen replied 1 year ago

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