My latest poem

On stage

The curtain opens

, he steps onto stage,

he loses his nerve,

no words to be heard,

doesn't remember a thing.

Stands there so silent.

The crowd gasps and shouts.

The tears come and he runs and hides.

Its quite a surprise.

Read many a poem before,

which people adore.

So much to say, but not today.

All he can do is walk away

song 1

When she walks down the street.

She looks so sweet, sweet, sweet.

He would love them to meet, meet, meet.

maybe in the street, street again.

Chorus de de di de de di.

He shouts hello.

Shes too shy.

wont even say hi,

so he sighs and she walks on by.


Her eyes shine blue.

Her hair glows in the sun,

he looks at her again,

not sure what to do,

not sure what to do

then walks on by

Song 2

No words I can say.

No words I can say,

make up for what I did to you.

Chorus Happy, happy is how I feel.

Happy, happy is how I feel

when I am with you

You cry and I lie,

then you sigh.

I promise to try to make it up to you


You say yes,

what a relief.

you have so much belief in me,

we can start all over again

Chorus x2

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Wow Michelle - this is an amazing song! Does it go along with music to the Ukulele that you are learning? You have a real talent!

Molly Sutcliffe replied 2 years ago

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