Learn the The Art of Masquerading

How can we extend the individual's or group's imagination and potential to push the boundaries of their processional performances - to deliver the greatest impact and rewards for participants and audience alike in Carnival?

  • Visual: from design to realisation - learn about choice of materials, scale, movement, lighting, weight, transport, traditions and innovation.

  • Music & Sound: learn about the practicalities and logistics of your choices - live musicians, recorded tracks, PAs, sound effects etc.

  • Performance: explore the art of becoming 'other' (the masquerade!) drawing on dance, physical theatre, audience interaction, puppeteering, circus etc.

  • Suitable for: anyone involved in carnival and/or outdoor performance, e.g. designers, makers, performance, artistic directors, producers, teachers, community group leaders.

Booking deadline: Thursday 9th May (limited places)Lunch included in ticket price

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