Kingfisher Treasure Seekers


Who’s heard of Kingfisher Treasure Seekers? They are an amazing charity in Gloucester city centre who offer volunteering opportunities to people with all kinds of special needs and learning difficulties, giving training and support and preparing them for the workplace; helping with CVs and other important life skills. Check out the ‘What We Do’ page of their website for a taster of some of the amazing one-off events and regular activities they run as well!

They have a new gift shop on Westgate Street, which is more spacious than their previous shop a few doors down and contains 100% ethically sourced gifts from all over the world. I have genuinely found that the most difficult birthdays are made easy to buy for at this shop – it is so well stocked with a wide variety of wonderful gifts, household pieces and other accessories. Lovely atmosphere in there, too. Why not pay them a visit if you haven’t yet seen their new shop – it’s well worth it! And once you’ve been round to see them (or if you have already) please do leave them a review on Google – simply Google search ‘Kingfisher Treasure Seekers’ and click on ‘reviews’ on the right-hand side, and then leave them a positive message. It will be genuinely appreciated by all who work there.

 Another of their projects that you may have heard of is The Cavern - as well as a very stylish daytime café with fab décor it’s the top non-alcoholic nightclub in Gloucestershire, open til 11pm with counsellors available for drop-in, and Gloucester GPs are now referring people there for the social interaction and community support! Gloucestershire auditions for The Voice were held there last year. Amazing place – do drop in and meet them, and try some of their wonderful drinks! They are situated in the small road between Westgate Street and Gloucester Cathedral, opposite the ‘Spellbound’ shop. Why not go there for lunch or for a refreshing beverage?

 Wait, there’s more… They are soon to open a Vintage Tea Room also on Westgate Street, in the large back room of their old gift shop! It is decorated absolutely beautifully, and I’m sure it will be as fantastic as their other two projects. Watch this space!

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This place sounds like fun and exciting opportunity but I'm severely disabled with mental health problems along with anxiety meeting with new people but have lots of fun x

Sez2244 replied 1 year ago

Thanks!! They do various regular activities as well as one-off events too - a full programme! Their website has more info.

Kat Gibson replied 1 year ago

thanks Kat, I didn't know how much they did - great summary

Ceri replied 1 year ago

Great post Kat - shared on the You're Welcome Facebook page :)

Marc Griffiths replied 1 year ago

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