Jigsaw Gloucester UK - Update - Look What We Are Doing.

Hi all at Barnwood. Those who know us. And those who might like to get to know us.

Jigsaw Gloucester UK was formed in late April 2016, with the aim of supporting people with physical / mental illness to do more by way of activities in the Community of Gloucester. Since, we have added those who have learning difficulties to take part in our activities.

Above. Our Pool Ques obtained through a Barnwood Trust 'Small Sparks' Grant........

......part of the same 'Small Sparks Award' our Pool, Snooker and Traditional Board Games group was also able to have a Buffet. Alan Mayatt, Gloucester City Town Crier tries hand at pool while Jigsaw members and other special guests look on in March 2017. The group is still making progress and still working to forming a pool team.  Link to the above group page. To view. Click here.

To the above we added another 'Small Sparks' Grant for our Art Group. 'Jigsaw Art Stars' This group also supports a Jigsaw Project Called 'Art From Home' Since being formed in late April 2017. Members have produced over 100 pieces of work, most of which can  be seen online in a permanent exhibition 24/7.

Above. Jigsaw's latest Art Star Member, Bill, pictured with a member of Staff of the Market Cafe Gloucester. We meet at said location every Thursday 2pm - 3.30pm. Big thanks to Phil, proprietor of the Market Cafe in allowing our 'Art Stars' to relocate to their location. Bill is also founder member of our 'Jigsaw Gloucester Dr. Who Club. If you would like to know more. Use same contact details at end of this message.  To view our Jigsaw 'Art From Home' Exhibition. Click Here.

Jigsaw Gloucester UK is run by people who have ' or have had, experienced physical / mental health / learning difficulties. For those experiencing the above issues. Please note. We have no paid staff. All our activities are carried out for therapeutic value. Hence all monies raised and offers of help in kind go direct to meeting our needs. 

Our primary web site is jigsawgloucester.uk. Link follows for your use. It began with a few pages, now we have many. Feel free to look around. Make contact with us, if you see anything you would like to do. If its not. Suggest a subject and we will endeavour to add activities tailored to your interests.


We also have a sister site.


Lightspeed, we aim to make the photography wing of Jigsaw. Please view our images. We want to hear from you if you can take a good picture. You don't have to be a professional to meet our requirements. Full contact details at the end of this message. Or reply to this message, here, if you would like to get in touch.  Below. We provide a selection of images taken out and about from our Lightspeed Photography Archive.

Gloucester Docks. Christmas Market. December 2017.

Musician and Singer, Spence. Pictured at Gloucester Quays. Christmas 2017. Since. Jigsaw has featured Spence, on our web site as part of our ongoing Community Connections Project.

Gloucester Docks.....From our 'Playing With Light' series of images presently featured on http://lightspeedgloucester.uk/home-2.html

Above and below. Two images of a Police Helicopter caught on Camera by lightspeed over Southgate Street Gloucester. December 2017.

Then we took on this.


The above is a fully functional working web site produced for the owner of South-West-Promotions. A local Gloucester Company founded by Martyn Payne, show promoter. The web site is produced as part of Jigsaw Gloucester UK's ongoing Community Connections Project. Do you run a business in Gloucester and need a web site. Maybe you would like to discuss. Contact will be the same as will be provided for all others at the end of this message.

Not only did we build the web site. For the first time ever, we moved our photography into taking live action at SWP's shows. Below, we provide just a sample of our results.

Two of many images taken at the South West Promotions Elvis v Michael Jackson Show at King's Theatre Gloucester on 30th March 2018.

Below. Two more images taken at the South West Promotions Show 'Battle of Divas' Miriah Carey v Whittney Houston 31. March, 2018. 

Martyn Payne. Owner South West Promotions has been so impressed with the photographs Jigsaw / Lightspeed has already taken, we have been requested to take the photographs at his shows planned for April 2019.

Some Jigsaw members, who have attended past shows have been  pictured with the performers. Here are just a couple of examples.

Jigsaw members, Angus (Left) and Jamie (Right) Pictured with Paul  Malloy (Elvis) a previous event, October 2017.

Above. Jigsaw member, Bill, pictured with Paul Malloy (Elvis) at the March 30th 2018 Event. Below same member, Bill, pictured with Mitch Thompson (Michael Jackson) Tribute Act.

Below. I am pictured with Liam Price (Image by Martyn Payne, Show Promoter), who is an outstanding singer, aged just 13. He was a support act at the Battle of Divas performance along with Millianna, a Gloucester girl, who was part if 'Team Danny' on TV's  The Voice - Kids.

Below. My image of Liam Price, taken during his performance.

Will Finnish off our mammoth message with an image I took of  Millianna.


If you want to come with Jigsaw to next years South West Promotions shows in Gloucester. Feel free to give me a call as I have all the information you need in hand right now. 

I hope this update has been enough to illustrate that Jigsaw Gloucester UK is still making progress in a variety of ways.

Our opening grant in 2016 was by way of Gloucester City Council. This was followed up with two more from Barnwood. (formerly known as Barnwood Trust). Our Latest. From local grant making body 'Help If We Can' facilitated our Jigsaw Gloucester Concorde Club members to visit British Aerospace Filton to see Concorde now on display. What is Jigsaw Gloucester Concorde Club? You may ask. To have this question answered. To view said Group activities. Click Here.

So, what would Jigsaw like from you. The dedicated people of our Gloucester Community now. 

1. We are looking to increase our membership numbers. Look over our web site. The activities mentioned above are just a few that we have ongoing at this time. 

2. We need. Reliable members and volunteers to support all we do. Not just talk and hide in the shadows. Let us all be seen. Lets get things done.

3. Throughout the rest of 2018. Lightspeed, as the better weather comes, will move to being more proactive. Take a good picture. Come with us. Join Jigsaw and help us develop this field of our activity.

4. The rest of 2018 will also see jigsawgloucester.uk revamped in a number of ways. Watch this space to follow our progress.

If you would like to join Jigsaw, volunteer with us. Or help support our ventures in any way. Contact Martin. Jigsaw founder member, by any of the methods listed below. Or should you wish. Simply reply to this message.

Phone 01452 412471 email biggles57@btinternet.com

These are our sites again for you to view.




We look forward to hearing from you. Your comments on our activities and any of the above are welcomed. Ask any question like. We will be more than pleased to provide you with honest answers.


Martin Adams

Jigsaw Gloucester UK Founder Member.

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