Creative Coach, Visionary Artist and Poet

I'm a Gloucester based multi-disciplinary creative, coach, artist, writer and poet.

I have over 20 years working in the creative section and over 17 running my own business as a freelance creative.

I'm a photographic and fine artist creating the extraordinary from the ordinary using the beauty of the natural world to give people permission to daydream, away from the stresses of modern life. I practice mindfulness as part of my inspiration.

I'm also a multi-published poet and member of The Gloucester Poetry Society and I host several open mic poetry events locally.

As a creative coach, I help creatives to succeed with their business/practice, helping them to keep focus and streamline their processes to give them a better work/life balance.

I use art and poetry with mindfulness to help work through issues and difficulties and hope to provide workshops to help people to reconnect with nature and use creativity as a healing mechanism.

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Sorry for late showing interest with your writing poetry for therapy, have had to wait for a new charger for my tablet. I am very keen with writing poetry and have had some published. Writing is very therapeutic and love to meet and get some more of my poetry and stories into print. A good way to express ourselves. Look forward to meeting you.

Jigsaw piece replied 1 year ago

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