Community Power Point At Matson

It's 10.15 and Katie has arrived to take me to the Community Power Point at Matson.  This has been arranged by Dangermouse.  The weather has been forecast showers.  We have lots to talk about whilst on our way to Matson.  The motorway is very busy as usual.

Walking through the entrance with Katie I can see a familiar face, it is Zareen Ahmed.  Zareen came to the GL11 Project back in 2011.  Again we had lots to talk about.  Now Zareen works for The Redwell Centre in Matson.  She introduced me to Vanessa Worrall the project manager and Zareen made known to Vanessa I do wordsearches.  Now trying to put one together.  The Redwell Centre is for the young and families; Together in faith.  To make further enquiries ring 01452 381070.

Katie and I make our way up to the Barnwood Trust Van and I was introduced to Roz and Katrina.  Lot's again to talk about.  I introduce myself and how I met Katie and joining up as a Dursley Reporter.  Then Katie suggested to get us a cup of tea.

The rain showers started as it was time for the public to enter through the gates to begin the Community Power Point Event.

Next to our van was the Ice - cream van.  The children were having ice - creams whatever the weather.

After my cup of tea I went for a walk about to do some social reporting and see the other stalls.  There was Soft - Play for the tots, bouncy castle, Tombola, raffle, ticket event; pick out three odd numbers and win a cuddly toy.  I did try and win for Cyril, sadly I didn't.  There was a police car and two policemen allowed the children to try their helmets on and go in their vehicle and play with there siren.  They looked like they we were enjoying themselves.  There was also a cake stall.

Caught up with Katie and we had some fruit; this was mid - morning.

I then made my way back over to the Redwell Centre; in there were more children and parents.  In there they were doing Mosaics and string discs.  Making discs with round flat pieces of wood and then threaded through with fishing rod string.  Twisting the string and the disc moves in different directions.

Yet another familiar face I know; Jenny d'Esterre.  Jenny used to be my vicar at Slimbridge Church and have known one another for along time.  A special friend.  Again it was so nice to catch up with Jenny.

It was announced that the barbecue was ready for lunch.  I queued up for a hot dog and ate as I walked along.  Again the rain came down.  So my hot dog was slightly damp.

On my way back up the Barnwood Van I stopped off at the Cake stall and got four fruit scones.  The creamy cakes looked very tempting.  I was good and left those ones.

Now time for the raffle to take place.  By this time I was sat in with Katie, Roz and Katrina up in the Barnwood van.  We were all very lucky and won a prize each.  I won a second prize.  I won some pencils and some pencil crayons.  They will help me with my illustrating.

Sheep grazed the other side of the playing field and the children chased after to them.  They don't need mowers around here for sure.  As we got back in the car to come home; there were sheep in people's gardens.

Thank you Katie for such a lovely time and hope to catch up with Roz and Katrina again soon.

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It sounds like you had a fabulous day with Katie and the Barnwood team seeing old friends and meeting new ones. You always write beautiful reports which share the atmosphere of every event you visit. Hope to see you very soon.

Fiona Community... replied 1 year ago

I'm so so happy you had such a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to hopefully taking part in much more, I'm currently learning how to swim which helps my disability but I'm also on the lookout for some locally based groups in and around the Matson GL4 4BA area so i can use my mobility scooter to get to places so reading about your fab day has given me more hope and please keep in touch thank you for listening xxx

Sez2244 replied 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this Sally. Having a 'community power' event gives such a strong message to others about whats possible when people come together. I'm glad you had fun, despite the rain!

Richard Holmes replied 1 year ago

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