Barnwood Christmas Party 2018

I was invited to go to the Barnwood Trust Party last Wednesday 12th December.  This year it was held at the Ladies College in Cheltenham Sport's Hall.

Katrina had arranged my taxi for me to get to the party and back home again.

As the taxi arrived at 16.00 I had my handbag and two bigger bags.  In these two bags was my Donald Duck costume.  Donald was put in the boot and I sat in the front.

The motorway was very busy, we had caught the rush hour traffic.

Arriving at the Ladies College Sport's hall I had my coat taken away and offered a drink.  I had some orange juice.  I met Phebee and her Mummy.  So much to talk about.

To begin with there was a Group of harmonicas that has been set up with a grant from Barnwood Trust.  They sounded lovely.

Katie and I came away and I put my Donald Duck costume.  I had several helpers.

Going back into the hall there was an almighty cheer.  I made everybody smile Katie had told me. I said a few words in Donald's voice and then walked around the room and met everybody around the room and lots of photographs were taken.  I spoke to a lot of people and I felt like 10 feet tall and very important.  So you shall see me as Donald Duck on the Barnwood Trust website.   

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