Tai Chi in Cinderford

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We recently visited the tai-chi group in Cinderford which was originally funded by a Small Sparks grant. It’s…
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Penny 3 years ago

What a great film! Well done Marc. It is a great group, such lovely people. I will be going back...

Kat Gibson 3 years ago

Wow! Looks like fun!

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Marc Griffiths’s picture
Marc Griffiths

3 years ago

Free training courses/qualifications

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Learndirect can offer (conditions apply) free training courses/qualifications with local job opportunities.Please contact Ruth Ward for further details on 07803200744…
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Ruth Ward’s picture
Ruth Ward

3 years ago

Hanover Court, Tai Chi

Added to the Group Small Sparks Grants in Cinderford
Had a great time at the Tai Chi session on Thursday.  Still looking for my chi!!  Lovely people and a…
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Penny’s picture

3 years ago

Choral fun with Crossroads Care

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Calling all carers and their families in the Forest of Dean.  Come join us as Drybrook ladies choir entertain us…
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Fionacrossroads’s picture

3 years ago

Brookwood Hill Hospice appeal

A new Story in Cinderford
Friends and family of the late Ian Dawson are raising funds for a memorial hospice.
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Jeff Mowatt’s picture
Jeff Mowatt

4 years ago

Finding my Inner Chi

Added to the Group Small Sparks Grants in Cinderford
Tai Chi class taught so anyone who can be included is included. Helps to find our balance
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Cyril Bunt 5 years ago

A very good way of investing the 'Small Sparks' programme to benefit everyone.

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Cyril Bunt’s picture
Cyril Bunt

5 years ago

Social Media Surgery

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Social media surgeries to support local communities and voluntary organisations
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6 years ago

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