Update on Cam & Dursley Ideas Fair

The Cam and Dursley Ideas Fair was held at The Chantry Centre in Dursley.  Many thanks go to everyone who helped either before or during the event. 

Sally, Cam and Dursley Social Reporter, wrote a great article about the Ideas Fair on You're Welcome, here are some photos from the event.

Lisa and Doreen discussing a Creative Writers' Support Group and a Community Art Space.

Some of the great ideas which were discussed at the Ideas Fair are;

Fitness Pilates, Adult Board Games, Dog Walking Group, Community Art Space, Radio Station, Podcast, Writers’ Support Group.

We also had representatives from St James Church, Transition Cam and Dursley and the Hidden Illnesses Group spreading the word about existing groups.

The Independence Trust, Dursley Town Council and Barnwood Trust set up information displays.

You are very welcome to come along to the World Jungle office and have a chat about any ideas you want to develop. We are upstairs at Dursley Library on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

For more information please contact me at fiona@worldjungle.org.uk or 07474976403.

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This sounds wonderful!

Katie Elliott replied 7 months ago

Great to see this Fiona, lots of ideas!

Maureen replied 7 months ago

This is brilliant to see Fiona. Thanks for sharing

Richard Holmes replied 7 months ago

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