Train spotting

In the Hummingbird in Dursley with Mike - we were having early morning cup of tea... Newspapers were spread about on the tables.

I looked in one and Mike looked in another. I spotted The Flying Scotsman coming through Cam and Dursley Station, Friday 19th May, in the evening. 

I knew that Mike's an enthusiast, but having no transport was the problem!

A couple of days later we were back in the Hummingbird Cafe. This time I had scrambled eggs on toast with my cup of tea and Mike had a sausage / bacon sandwich. 

Mike mentioned The Flying Scotsman. Ian, co-owner of the Hummingbird, came in. He told us he liked trains and we could have a lift to see The Flying Scotsman.

Friday evening, Ian picked us up for 8:15pm. We got to Cam and Dursley station and the carpark was nearing to be full up. Ian managed to find a space.

Walking over the bridge, we kept up together. Lots of people were lined up with their cameras. Mike got his out ready and Ian got his mobile out.

One fast train went through. Everybody started taking pictures, thinking that was The Flying Scotsman.

Next thing, over the other side was a policeman. He was telling people to move off the edge of the railway track. Yet another through train came through.

By that time there were more police. Now people were trespassing on the railway tracks.

The light was going and there was no sign of The Flying Scotsman. A lot of disappointed faces. Mike and Ian were really upset. 

The Flying Scotsman came through after 21:45. By that time it was dark. As a result, hardly any pictures were taken. It was running over an hour late due to all the trespassers at Cam and Dursley and Gloucester stations. 

Now all special trains coming through Cam and Dursley will not be advertised.

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