Tom our Cockatiel

This is Tom our Cockatiel and he whistles and talks.  We have not taught him to swear.  Tom is now 7 years old.  Sadly he won't come out of his cage due to when he was only a few months old.  He pushed his door open and got free whilst Mike was putting some Millet into his cage.  At the time we had a hatch from our lounge to the kitchen and the only thing I could pass to Mike was one of my nighties from our airing cupboard.  He squawked and squawked.  Tom got out again and this time we had a tea towel available to grab him.  He only comes out now when the vet Alyson comes out to do his claws.  Mike decided on one occasion to stroke his tuffy bit on his head after his claws were clipped.  Tom made his finger bleed.  I would really love it if Tom came and sat on my shoulder.  When we go out we leave the radio on to keep Tom company.  We spend many hours to keep each other company  as well.

Tom has his mixed Cockatiel mix and  especially enjoys his Sunflower seeds and cracks them open.  He loves his Millet and grit.  Tom has a water bottle on the side of his cage.

When I go out of the room to go to bed or out without Mike Tom is calling for me straight and starts to wolf whistle.  I taught to do that.

What pets has everybody got?  

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