Since joining the You're Welcome team...

Earlier this year I popped up to see what the World Jungle do on the Wednesday. I wanted to knock on their door and I did. Fiona greeted me alongside Jane and Ben. Full of excitement and Fiona and I went into another room to talk. I went onto tell Fiona about my interests from writing poetry, stories and illustrating new characters. Fiona smiled and suggested for me to join her as the Cam/Dursley Reporter. I wanted to say yes straight away; I told Fiona I would get back in touch within the next fortnight.

During that fortnight I decided it would be a good idea to be part of a team and meeting others. I met Fiona up at the World Jungle Office and we had a cup of tea and a further talk. Fiona welcomed me on board.

The following week I met Katie Elliott from the Barnwood Trust. That was really nice and we had a lot to say to one another. We made an appointment to meet up very soon after we met.

Having some time with Fiona and going places. I think the first place we popped over to the Number 15 for the over 60's. There I introduced a few of my friends and Mike. Further outings we went to the Break Heart Quarry Dog Show. Gaining a bit more confidence I went out to the Dursley Vale Hospital Fete, Bicycle Shop in Dursley and had written many reports with each place I have visited.

Katie kindly took them away and typed them out on the You're Welcome website. It was nice to see my reports can be shared by all. Then Katie suggested I ought to put in for a Grant for a Tablet. I chose one from Argos Tablet with keyboard and Barnwood Trust allowed me to have it. We have continued to meet up.

A few weeks later I was at the meeting with other reporters at Matson and we had to say what talent we each have got. I thought about Donald Duck. I spoke in Donald and everybody cheered. Katie suggested straight away I should put in for a Grant for a costume. I filled in the form.

To my surprise I was allowed the Grant and want to entertain children and perhaps go to the Children's Ward at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

More events and places have visited and want to do more into 2018.

It has been wonderful and making new friends and meeting others. My journey shall carry on.

Thank you.

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It was great meeting you at Pitville pump rooms and seeing you in your Donald Duck outfit - you must make the children's day at the hospital! Can you put any of the pictures you showed me on here?

Molly Sutcliffe replied 2 years ago

Great story! Can't wait to see the outfit!!

Philip Booth replied 2 years ago

Such a wonderful personal story. Keep it up :-)

Richard Holmes replied 2 years ago

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