Play! The Future! Event at Dursley Library

Dursley Library hosted a games day to launch a week of activities for half term.  The event was co-ordinated by a team of sixth form students led by Samuel Arnold from Katherine Lady Berkeley School, pictured below with Cam and Dursley's Social Reporter Sally.  

Samuel, Evie, Richard, Max and Toby from Katherine Lady Berkeley were joined by Frank from Rednock Sixth Form. You could join in with board games and digital games.  The Lego and Pokemon areas were really popular.  

A selection of the Adventurer games available in the conference room upstairs.   Every possible area in Dursley Library had games set up, including the top of the stairs!

Samuel developed an Adventurer training game for novices called The Dursley Adventure.  A map showed 12 different locations all over town.  After travelling to the locations, you face each problem then roll a dice to discover how lucky you are!  Once the trail has been completed you return to the library and get presented with an envelop containing a story relating to your unique quest.

Even feedback collection took the form of a game, designed by Sarah Warden, Creative Producer from The Art In Libraries Project. 

The event welcomed many local residents into the library.

Many thanks to the Staff of Dursley Library for such a wonderful day.

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A lovely time and to see all the age groups joining in. Lot's to play with and fun by all. Watching the younger ones making towers with the Lego.

I have written a report about the morning and got to write this up for you all to see.

Jigsaw piece replied 1 year ago

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