Pets at Home

Whilst living at home, I had two dogs.

One was a Chinese Crested Powder Puff named Timothy, the other one was a Yorkshire Terrier named Teddy. They lived to a great age.

Timothy and Teddy were different characters. They both enjoyed tea and coffee. Enjoyed walks. Timothy was a fussy eater. His favourite was chicken. Teddy enjoyed Caesar, chicken, dried biscuits.

I took Timothy to a dog show at Wisloe near to where I lived in Cambridge. I lifted Timothy onto the table; no sooner the judge started looking over him. Timothy growled and was not happy. I was presented with a badge from Pedigree Chum and a rosette. We didn't do the course.

Timothy and I walked home and we had some tales to tell Mummy and Daddy.

The following week in the Dursley Gazette were pictures of the whole dog show. No mention of our episode with Timothy going for the judge, thank goodness.

Teddy was a surprise present from my Mummy and Daddy. I talked to my brother Mark whilst I was in Coney Hill about having a puppy.

I was discharged on the Friday and on the Saturday we went up to Quedgeley to see my to aunties, Vera and Jean and cousin Clara.

Mummy and Daddy went to Gloucester. I was confused and wondered what they were up to?

They came back within the hour. Daddy got out of the car and Mummy didn't. That was more confusion. I opened Mummy's door, she had a towel on her lap. A black head popped out. Sure enough, Mummy and Daddy had bought me a puppy - a Yorkshire Terrier.

My brother Mark got me two pigeons when I was about six years old. I named them Pinky and Perky.

Since leaving home, Mike and I have had a cockatiel, Jerry. He lived until he was nine years old. We left it for almost three years and then we got another cockatiel and named him Tom.

What sort of pets have you all got?

Tom talks but Jerry spoke a lot more. They don't swear, thank goodness...

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i've four cats jazz who's 12 biscuit 7 dusty 2 ariana 1 and jazz has only 3 legs he came with his back leg broke in three places rushed him in to the vets but they couldn't save his leg but he's quite happy but he like a good chin rub where he can't do it

roz.123 replied 10 months ago

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