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A few Friday's ago I met up with Katie and alongside Veronica and Cherry from Pets as Therapy at the Bank Café in Dursley.  This charity was founded by Lesley Scott in 1983 and was done on a pilot scheme and now is national.  Veronica is the Co - coordinator that organises the volunteers with their dogs.  All around the county.  There around 5000 dogs registered and 100 cats registered for the Pets as Therapy.   Each dog has to been with their owner for 6 months and 9 months to train at the Pets as Therapy.  Visiting various places from schools, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons.  They also link up with the Neuro hospital in Bristol.  Different circumstances in people's lives they help.  Within schooling the Head teacher has to sanction their permission and love dogs too.  When children read a loud, the dog will sit next to them and never judge them.  Instead of them feeling stressed a smile is on the child's face.  Whilst there could be in a nursing home and haven't spoken from a long term illness.  Then the Pets as Therapy call in and make a visit.  The resident then speaks for the first time.  Lots of emotion all around the room.  Something triggers from a memory in their lives.

A Party in Stratford Park  for ALLSORTS was held the day after seeing  me and the Pets as Therapy were there.

I would like to thank Veronica and Cherry for meeting me on that day, very interesting.

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This sounds like a really good meeting Sally. Pets For Therapy are fantastic. You might be interested that KLB school in Wotton-Under-Edge have a golden retriever school dog called Berkeley.

Fiona Community... replied 1 year ago

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